Savage Fitness & Boxing has the absolute best boxing trainers in the Eau Claire area! You will not find anyone with our combination of Boxing, Training, and Motivational skills anywhere else!


Hector Pucheta

Weight Management
Strength Training





About Hector

Starting Savage Fitness & Boxing has been a dream of mine since I was very young. 

My goal is to give you a gym that is different than anything else you can find in the Eau Claire area.  I’m passionate about boxing and my business and you will see that in every class that you go to.

Don’t let nobody beat you!  Stay Hungry!  It’s about success no matter who you are, where you came from, what language you speak.  You can make anything happen as long as you work hard and stay focused!


Rex Villaverde

Strength Training


About Rex

I'm a competitive amateur fighter, and I've been teaching the art of boxing since 2016.

Boxing has a huge effect in my life. It taught me discipline, hard work, and determination. I have a burning desire to be an instrument to help others to have those attributes, and to help them reach the full potential of their mind and body. I am excited and motivated to work with everybody and help them reach their goals! So let's spread the positivity, and make it happen! Boom!



Barre Instructor




About Sydney

I have been an athlete my whole life, playing volleyball, basketball, and track. I played college volleyball for two years, then decided to find a different passion/hobby after 3 knee surgeries. 

I started getting involved in yoga and barre and instantly fell in love. My mind, body, and sense of self felt stronger. Then, I attended a class at Savage and became obsessed. The classes were like nothing I'd ever experienced. They were intense, uplifting, but most importantly a blast. So now, having the opportunity to combine two things I'm extremely passionate about is so exciting! 

I can't wait to help others find their strength and individualized passion. 

"May my mind be fierce, my body strong, and my spirit brave." 




Strength training

Weight management


About Sae

Fitness is a huge passion of mine. I am so excited and grateful to have found place in the Savage family so that I can share my passion with you all. I firmly believe that fitness helps you become stronger, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. I hope to help you build strength, endurance, and resilience that can carry over to other aspects of your life as well.

When I'm not at the gym, you will likely catch me running all over Eau Claire with my two dogs or eating tacos at La Misma Luna. I grew up doing kendo, which is the traditional Japanese martial art involving swords. My guilty pleasure is true crime podcasts.

I would love to get to know all the members so please come chat with me before and after class!